Welcome to SMAR.

SMAR is the simple response to the fact that when I'm away from one of my personal boxes (with Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird happily managing all of my accounts, depending on the computer), I have several email accounts to check, and I'm not looking for any major functionality, I just want to be able to log into one place and see them all.

Another major motivation for this project is my work with Roundcube and my work in implementing custom versions of IMP and Roundcube for another situation. While they are both admirable projects (I am still involved with the former), they are both big and growing. My goal is for a folder that can be uploaded in one place - no dependencies at all - and that will run this client for a single user - a bit more configuration involved for a multiple-user situation.

We are currently in the planning phases of SMAR. The first goals of this project involve creating a simple, light framework around which to build our client, which will read multiple POP and IMAP email inboxes at once. We currently are looking at two branches - one that will include a smart caching system that will use a MYSQL database to cache emails for searching, and a far lighter version that will be simply for checking for new emails from accounts. If you are an experienced - heck, even not so experienced - PHP/MYSQL or AJAX programmer, we'd love to hear from you.

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